Making Of The Prefect Shoes - PART 2

  • Making the Knives and Cutting the Leather

After we get done with choosing the pattern, we send them to be converted into metal knives. Each of the components of the shoe has its specific knives for every size, and one for the left and right of the foot.

 These knives are used to cut the leather out in the desired shape piece by piece, size by size, and shoe by shoe.


  • Stitching

Now all the different pieces of leather get carefully sewn together by our specialist leather machinists. With the help of a whole separate team of people specialized in sewing our leather uppers.

 Once we’re done with the stitching of uppers as well as the soles, the assembling process begins.


  • Lasting the Shoe

Nappa Tori shoes are made either by hand or by using a series of machines.

 At this point, the interior reinforcements are added to the shoe such as the toe puff, the heel counter, and the insole pieces are also attached to the upper.

 It's a plastic or wood foot-shaped structure over which the leather uppers of the shoes are molded after they have been sewed. This determines the exact fit and feel of the shoe.