Making Of The Prefect Shoes - PART 3

  • Preparing the Insole

There are two core pieces of the sole: the shank and the midsole.

 The midsole is where our memory foam cushion Footbed with full leather lining is added, which improves comfort and shock absorption.


  • Cementing Cementing is a detailed and time taking process that joins the sole to the upper. Once the upper and sole are crafted, they are glued and left to dry.

 Then again after almost a day, the glue gets re-heated and both the parts are attached together with a sole press machine and an activator.


  • Finishing

This is the last step before our shoes get to you. The final process of cutting, cleaning, and polishing is done by the hands of Nappa Tori's amazing makers. This process can also include punching holes for laces, adding eyelets, and of course, adding the shoelaces and any other trims that are needed.

Then we check every shoe individually and polish them using top-quality polishes, and finally box them to make them ready to be at your door.