Making Of The Prefect Shoes - PART 1

It’s always so difficult to find a comfortable shoe, isn’t it?

But what if we tell you that we have found a solution for this problem!!

Shoes are a necessity for all of us but do you even think about what goes behind making the most comfortable shoes for you.

Well, let us take you behind the scenes so that you get to see what all we do to give your feet the best experience it deserves!!

Nappa Tori footwear is hand-wrought by our brilliant makers, with imported natural milled leather and attention to detail. The art of shoemaking is special enough, and we know our guests appreciate the love and care that goes into every brace.


  • Making the Sole

Our every Nappa Tori shoe has a detailed dotted rubber sole that provides full grips to your foot that requires an individual hand-made process all of its own.

 We are extremely lucky to have a team of specialist sole makers who make sure every Nappa Tori sole is well-balanced, comfortable, and hardwearing for our customers.


  • Cutting the Pattern
Crafting the shape of each component of the shoe to make sure it fits perfectly with comfort to the wearer is what cutting the pattern means. Every Nappa Tori leather shoe has a unique pattern which makes it irreplaceable.