7 ways to preserve your favourite leather shoes




This one’s a tribute to leather shoes. They are everyone’s favourite and for a reason. They exude class, sophistication, flamboyance and style and they transform your personality instantly. They poise magic on your feet and suddenly you become the leader of your pack.

They look so stunning they have everyone’s attention without vying for it. Be it for work, party, travel or a date, these shoes will surely give you the perfect look! #FindYourPair .So you surely don’t want to lose out on your favourite pair by letting them wither away in vain, do you?

Here are 7 tips from us at Nappa Tori to help you take care of your darling leather shoes:

House them in our box

Don’t keep your leather shoes in paper boxes. The humidity in them will cause harm to the leather. Always keep them in the open or on a shoe rack. However, if you wear them every day then you can put them in our box. It preserves your leather shoes. It keeps them fresh and smell free. You can even take this box with you when you’re travelling.


Don’t let the leather get wet

Prevent your leather shoes from getting wet. Incase they get wet, stuff them in newspapers and wait for them to soak up the water. Don’t blow dry them or put them next to a heater because even though they may dry fast, the heat may crack the leather.


Don’t wear the same pair everyday

Even if you love your particular leather pair a lot and wish to wear them everyday, it’s important for you to give them a break This is because the shoes may start stinking and you don’t want that. That’s why buy more than one pair to switch between them every now and then.



Use shoe trees

Shoe trees are best for keeping your shoes in shape. Buy the cedar wood ones. They absorb all the moisture from the shoes preventing odour.


Start using leather conditioners

Leather is a type of skin and it needs regular nourishment. Just how your hair is exposed to environmental damage daily and you condition them for them to stay strong, leather shoes also go through wear and tear and it’s important to condition them from time to time so that they don’t lose their natural oils. Condition them once in two weeks to keep them forever new.


Polish them

Use polish to bring out the natural shine of the shoes. Polish acts like a coating on the surface of the shoe without penetrating the inside leather.